There is no denying the fact that SEO holds immense importance for your business and there is no way that your marketing strategy can be effective or even complete without it. There are further types of SEO and it depends on the nature of your business that which one suits you the most.

Initially, it is important to know the two major types of SEO and how are they different from one another. Below are the definitions of Local and National SEO:

National SEO: In national SEO, traffic is directed towards a particular website by using the name of the brand as the keyword. There is no location or service mentioned in it. For example, shoe company.

Local SEO: A local SEO is totally different in this regard because it takes into account the location of the brand or the service which is offered by it. For example, the best Zumba class in Houston, TX.

We take into account some of the most important factors which affect both the local and the national SEO and see which one has a more powerful impact.

Factors Affecting Local SEO

Different Results for Different Businesses

Although it is believed that local SEO is quicker and easier because it tends to bring all the potential customers who are in that area to your product but this depends on the type of your product. Sometimes, it is quicker than your expectation whereas at other times might take about 3-6 months to establish the name in the market.

Long-Tail Keywords

The long tail keywords tend to hit exactly the right spot because people are directed to the exact thing which is required by them. The long terms make the search quite specific which makes it easier to get the desired results.

Minimum Competition

When you are targeting the local audiences, you are reducing the competition because only a few companies will be available in the area. Establish yourself as a brand here and then grow your business to a national and then even international level.

Factors Affecting National SEO

Complex Marketing Services

With already established brands, it becomes difficult to introduce something which is entirely new. A lot of complexity and effort is required in devising a marketing strategy which will make you stand out in the market. This also required more investment which would definitely be a hassle at the start of a business.

Intense Competition

The established brands might wipe you from the market because they already have a strong customer base in the market and would never divide it with you. All your devotion might get wasted if you are not able to surpass the ones which are already there in the market.

Final Verdict

Most of the businesses rely on local SEO, there are rarely any which would want to take a start with national SEO. Focus on local SEO to target the audiences which are more reachable and once establishing yourself as a brand, widen your reach.