We all talk about search engine optimization and admit the immense importance which is carried by it in any kind of marketing strategy. Businesses tend to invest a lot in it but the question here arises that are they investing enough in the social media optimization (SMO)?

Social media is the in thing these days and no business can stay away from it if it wants to reach a wider audience. Although we can consider SMO to be a part of SEO because of the similar techniques and objectives but there are some major differences between the two.

Distinguishing SMO from SEO

Generally, SEO is used for the following three purposes:

  • To show up earlier in search engine results.
  • Linking your business on someone else’s website.
  • To help the people find your business who are already looking for it.

SMO works on the same above-mentioned objectives but the medium which is used is social media. Utilizing all the social media networks, your business is highlighted so that more people gain familiarity with it.

Benefits of SMO

Quick Popularity

If you want to be there and be there instantly then SMO is the right option for you because it enables you to connect with the audiences without any delay.

Proximity with the Customers

Whenever you make an update on Facebook or Twitter, you receive feedback from the customers quite easily which means that you can work on your business accordingly. You’ll know what your customers want from your brand and will be able to invest your entire focus on it.

Fast Updates

Any news or update will reach your customers easily because social media is being used 24/7. There is no chance that they’ll miss any important new piece of information because most people access their social media profiles numerous times in a day or even an hour.

Paid Options

Apart from blogging and posting on the forums, there are paid options as well in the form of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads. Although these options are paid but they tend to cost-effective because of their rate of success.


With the help of SMO, you can easily drive traffic towards your official website only if it is done in an effective way. The visibility of your website will also be increased.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Social media is an impressive channel to receive the feedback from the customers and work on improving your performance according to their needs. It enables to response to their queries quickly and achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction.

What to Avoid in SMO

It looks tempting to stuff a particular page with a lot of relevant links but this actually serves to backfire. Being everywhere and anywhere will actually irritate the audiences. You need to be at the places where your potential customers will be in order to attain the most beneficial results.

Maintain such a stance that your content is optimized and not over flooded everywhere because this will result in being unfollowed by people on social networks.